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Iceland Guest is an Icelandic travel agency selling affordable day tours and adventurous activities in Iceland. And we aim to do this while being both friendly and reliable. In turn, we only work with service providers who are friendly and reliable so you can experience our amazing country without breaking the bank or having to worry about the Icelandic wool being pulled over your eyes.


We like to feel our heart pumping and are always up for an adventure. We’ve tried all of the tours we sell and can recommend each one personally.



We want you to experience our homeland without losing your shirt so we do our best to negotiate the best prices just for you.


You can trust us. We’re awfully proud of our track record and certifications and only work with other people we can be proud of.


In the era of faceless internet robots, we’d like to be the kind of people you’d want to grab a cold one with. Have a question? Drop us a line! Skál!

Launched in Reykjavík in the good‘ol days of 2011, Iceland Guest is fully authorized by the Icelandic Tourist Board and certified by Vakinn, the official quality assurance organization for Icelandic tourism. We're also members of SAF, the Icelandic Travel Industry Association. On top of all those certifications and memberships, we also only work with the best and brightest of Iceland‘s service providers to further ensure that we‘re passing along the best products, best service and best value on to you.

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